Working on the excavation

Working on the excavation.

An occupation that will take most of your energy and moral strength is work on the excavation. In order to pass this trial with honor and minimal losses you will need right equipment for work:

  • Light-colored, long-sleeved T-shirt.

At first work days it’s better to beware of direct sun rays because it’s possible to be sun-burned or get a heatstroke. First, take sun baths by the sea and only after that change your T-shirt to a shirt. The T-shirt must be light-colored (the best color is white) because you won’t get too hot wearing it and it will stop sun rays.

  • Light-colored pants.

Choose your pants on the same principle.

  • Sneakers.

No flip-flops! They’re very uncomfortable for digging. Plus you may tear your feet.

  • Gloves.

They’re needed to keep you from getting tyles.

  • Panama.

Again, it will keep you from sun and heat strokes.

A common work day is equal to 6-7 hours (Saturday is a short 4-hour day), and two or three of them fall onto the hell-fire so you need to manage your strength in a correct way.

First don’t dig for a long time and vigorously because on the heat your drive soon will end up and work won’t be pleasurable for you. On your first day it’s better to work slowly and at the same rhythm. The first day for those who recently arrived is also short (3-4 hours).

There are five-minute breaks at the end of every hour. At this time it’s better not to sit or lay (!!!) down and not to drink too much water. After three hours of work there will be a half-hour break during which you may sit down and have a snack. It’s highly not recommended not to lay down and especially sleep under the sun. You won’t be able to work adequately after that. The least trouble will be a head ache the largest one will be a heat stroke.
If it gets too hot and you want to drink don’t immediately pour two liters of water into yourself. The sips must be very small. You will quickly feel that the thirst retreats. Even though it sounds weird it’s better to drink warm liquid because they quench better and in the quickest way. You don’t need to limit yourself after coming back to the camp.


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