What do you need to take with you?

What do you need to take with you to an archeological camp?

Drawing on the experience of last years we may state that it’s quiet hard to define and predict what you will really need while being there. In order to make freshmen’s lives easier we made a small list of things even an experienced archeologist can’t go without. 


  •     Passport (plus a copy)
  •     Medical insurance

Everybody understands that it’s impossible to travel without this document. The copy is needed for in case of losing/stealing the document you could restore it. It’s necessary to keep a copy and the original at different places. After arriving to the camp it’s better to pack the passport into a plastic bag because if it starts raining and the secret place gets wet the document may lose its appearance.


-A flash light and a few battery sets. In the South it quickly gets dark, the camp lights are switched off at 11p.m. So in order not to break your arms and legs moving from one tent to another it’s better to have a flash light from the very beginning.

-A camera. It’s not the most necessary thing so we just recommend you to take it with you in order not to skip interesting moments, beautiful views and take pictures of new friends as memories. If you’re not a professional photographer or a specialist in this field then you’d better take the simplest and cheapest camera because more complex devices may break quickly.

-Tableware. A set of metal tableware (cup, bowl, 2 spoons, can knife, knife). You will need to bring the spoon, bowl and cup to the kitchen after you arrive. Obviously, it’s necessary to take your stuff back before you leave.


  •     Clothes for excavating (more details at the Work on the excavation section).
  •     Clothes for wearing out of the excavation. This includes everything that is necessary and not necessary in the expedition except for evening dresses, tuxedoes and heels. Your clothes must be comfortable and not warm. For example, leather pants are not the best choice. The optimal one would be a panama, a few shirts, a light long-sleeved shirt, shorts, light pants, a few pairs of socks, etc. Do not forget to take a swim suit or trousers.
  •     Warm clothes. Jacket (not denim), warm sweater, duffle, jeans, warm socks. Evenings and nights may be cool, especially in August. After a rain the air temperature also goes down.
  •     Shoes. The amount of pairs of shoes is not limited but it’s better not to take it too seriously. Sneakers, flip-flops and sandals or any other summer shoes will completely satisfy your needs while being in the expedition.
  •     Hygiene. Take two toothbrushes at the same time because one of them will get lost on the very first day. Tested over the years.
  •     The rest. A rope (20-25cm), clothespins, washing powder, repellent, playing cards, books and so on.

More details on whether you may take a tent, decorative cosmetics, smoked sausage or umbrella to the excavation you may get at the Living, Nutrition, Health and Work sections.

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