Safety regulations

Safety regulations.
Following safety regulations while staying in archeological expedition, including sanitary and hygiene rules of living and working is necessary. In case of any distress and illness it’s necessary to let doctors and administration know about it.

In expedition it is prohibited to:

  •     leave the work place without administration’s permit;
  •     break daily routine and work schedule (otherwise you simply may not get dinner and your serving will be given to anybody else. About work: a supervisor has his own excavation schedule for every day. If you leave the excavations willfully without letting anybody know you simply ruin the plan, expedition’s functioning suffers, and we have to part with you);
  •     invite strangers to the camp or excavations place without a permit. Primarily this regulation is related to your personal safety and the safety of your belongings. Camp administration used to encounter belongings’ losses. In all cases it happened because of strangers who didn’t live at the camp. In connection to the fact that black archeologists’ movement in our country is widespread it’s also necessary to secure the excavations from strangers. We must be especially alert while studying ancient necropolises;
  •     bring explosive items and poisonous substances to the camp, take drugs and have outdated food;
  •     drink unboiled water, eat unwashed vegetables and fruit;
  •     run and walk along excavations borders, throw and pour out exhaust soil, tools, stones, etc. into people’s direction, smoke within excavations’ borders (excluding a special smoking area);
  •     catch and touch poisonous animals and insects, bring any domestic and wild animals to the camp. Everybody understands your desire to feed a lost or left animal but we must remember that we’re responsible for those we tamed. Before you bring an animal to the camp please think what will happen to it after you leave for home. Besides, at the camp there could be volunteers allergic to animals and little children in this case we primarily think about comfortable living of people;
  •      interrupt others’ work or sparetime;
  •      take archeological expedition’s findings and tools from the excavations, folding platform or cameral tents without permission;
  •     enter researchers’ and administration’s tents, food and house tents, drafting house and kitchen without permission;
  •     stay or leave archeological expedition’s cars without drivers’ and those who are responsible for transportations’ permission;
  •     have rest near cars;
  •     work and stay under the sun without headdresses and protective clothing. It’s very unpleasant to get a heatstroke or a sun burn during work. You’ll be protected from it primarily by protective clothing (a long-sleeved shirt and a headdress);
  •     throw garbage and wasted food away at the camp territory and outside, excluding specially designed places;
  •     come close to switchboard rooms, transformations vault, touch cables and willfully turn electric devices and electric stone on.


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