Information on the field archeological camp

The main field camp of the archeological expedition is located near Taman’ stationat the Dymkovaya gully on the shore of Kerchenskii strait. Practically the entire territory is planted with trees including fruit ones. Right near the camp (100 meters away) there is a lake with plenty of fish. The fields near the camp are mostly sown with melons. On the camp territory there are a few cafeterias, a kitchen and a shower. The camp is also supplied with jeeps. There is delivered drinking water, electricity (from generators), and a refrigerator where you can keep your food. At the camp specialists regularly lecture on history, archeology, anthropology. On weekends volunteers are brought to excursions to see archeological monuments of Krasnodarskii region.

In order to make your temporary dwelling comfortable you will need:

Tent and pegs (about 40cm long and 5 cm wide). To feel yourself independent take your own tent. The pegs will be needed to make it stable. The soil is very clayey so any wind rush pulls a metal peg out and the temporary dwelling must be set again and again. Recently this necessity fell off since appeared lots of contemporary models. Our advice is to take the simplest single tent.

Polyethylene (tent-size). In general, polyethylene may be replaced by a well-rubberized tent but if it doesn’t go with the tent it’s better to take polyethylene. While covering your tent for a night don’t forget to take the layer away befor going to the excavations. Otherwise, your dwelling will turn into sauna.

A care mate. Sleeping at the tent will be very uncomfortable without a care mate. They can be different: summer, winter, long, short, etc. The ideal one is a summer mate that is not thicker than 70mm. The length depends on the manufacturer and the needs. The longest mate is 2,10m.

Sleeping bag. It’s better not take a blanket. A sleeping bag takes a lot less space and keeps warmth pretty well.

Curtain lace or mosquito screen .If your tent is not supplied with anything for insect protection then you’ll have to take care of it on your own. Otherwise your nights here will turn into a never-ending fight with bloodsuckers.

This is not the end of the list. These are the most necessary things. You decide whether you need to take a camp-cot, a table-lamp and a bookshelf.

By the way, it’s better not take a pillow. It’ll take a lot of precious space in your already heavy backpack and may easily be replaced. All you need to do is to accurately roll up a warm sweater or a jacket and put it under your head.

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