You will be fed four times a day: at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner and at supper. It’s enough for a mature organism. You may take some ration to evening gatherings by the fireplace. It may consist of:

  •     Cookies
  •     Dry fruit
  •     Candy
  •     Tea\coffee
  •     Canned goods
  •     Smoked sausage

The best canned stuff is condensed milk and stew. Using the experience of the previous generations of archeologists we can confidently state that the most comfortable package is tubed condensed milk. It’s easy to close and keep from ants. If you have any perishable products left it’s better to eat them immediately or bring to the kitchen so that they may be put onto the dining table.

The most wide-spread mistake is continuous keeping of cheese, sausage and grilled chicken at the tent. You need to be very accurate with these products after being on the heat for a few hours they start to spoil.

You may buy anything you want at the nearest stores in Taman’ settlement or visit a café. If this is your first time being in the field then you’re highly NOT RECOMMENDED not to drink unboiled water. The results may be very sad: from a light stomach malfunctioning to high temperature and very bad health. And while you will be laying at your tent paying for your mistake your friends who drink only boiled or bottled water will bathe in the sea and sing by the fire place.


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