Live at the camp.

1.    6-days work week. A work day varies from 4 to 6-7 hours depending on the age. There is a break after every hour of work which lasts for 10 minutes or (according to participants of the archeological expedition) a work day is made shorter at the expense of the breaks. The 6th work day before the day off is short (4 hours). In case of unfavorable weather conditions (strong heat, rain, etc.) a work day becomes shorter or gets cancelled.
2.     Living. A tent camp (private tents) with electricity and water. The camp is located near Taman’ settlement (Temryukskii district, Krasnodarskii region).
3.    Three-time feeding. It’s allowed to cook (by agreement with cooks and when the stoves are free) to cook additional dishes for evening gatherings, celebrations and other events  under groups’ heads control. It’s always possible to boil or heat water for tea, coffee and other things.
4.    Getting up, work time, dinner, spare time: bathing, relaxing, entertaining games, fire place, supper (for more details take a look at the Routine section). On weekends you may visit archeological, historical and cultural monuments. Organizing excursions for visiting archeological monuments of Anapskii and Temryukskii districts is possible. Tose who want may plan spending their day off on their own.


13 Electrodnaya st.,
bld. 4.
Location map