Archeological expedition routine.

  • 6:00-Rise.
  • 7:00-14:00-Excavation work (a 10-minute break every hour + a 30-minute break for lunch).
  • Lunch (30 minutes, right at the excavation spot).
  • 14:00-Dinner.
  • 18:00-Supper.
  • 19:00-Lectures (for those who wish).

Up to 23:00-Sport activities, disco dances (if volunteers wish), sitting by the fireplace, any other activities. After that only quiet activities are allowed (no songs and noises). Those who wish always may leave the camp for specially equipped fireplaces with a view to the sea and keep having fun there. It’s related to the fact that not everybody may restore energy after one or two hours of sleeping. At the camp also live parents with small children which especially need night sleep. From our own expedition experience we can say that in field conditions five of six hours of night sleep is enough (but you still need to listen to your body).

Early awakening is related to our desire to take care of volunteers’ health. It’s goal is to let people spend as little time under the burning southern sun as possible. Usually the work is structured so that after lunch that ends up at 11:30 all people working on the excavations do a little exercising: excavation cleaning, border aligning, taking trash away, findings fixation.

Children under fourteen work on the excavations only for four hours a day.

Saturday is a short day (4 hours).

Sunday is a day off.

Excavation works also may be cancelled according to camp administration’s decision due to severe weather conditions. Works also may be cancelled due to volunteers’ health conditions or by a personal agreement with camp administration (a private excursion planned or other reasons).


13 Electrodnaya st.,
bld. 4.
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