Healthy organism is half the battle at any beginning. An archeological expedition is not an exception. The climate of Krasnodarskii region is different from the climate most of us are used to. So first days it’s necessary to isten to your body more carefully. After you arrive to the archeological camp you need to let the administration know about your diseases. In this case you will try to find a job that suits you and doesn’t have anything to do with physical burdens.

The sun may be very gently but also very cruel. In order not to get a sunstroke and fail wear a light-colored panama, cap or bandana. It looks stylish and protects you from the sun. You will also need a sunscreen lotion (30-35 at the beginning, 20-25 for the rest of your being there). It must be applied not only before you go to the beach but also before you go to the excavations.

Especially for girls: don’t bring decorative cosmetics. You won’t need it anyway. It won’t protect you from the sun and will deteriorate because of heat. But sunscreen lotion and hygienic lip balm will be very useful.

Nobody is immune to illnesses or light cold so you must always have all necessary medicines to cure yourself:

  •     Anti-fever
  •     Pain-reliving
  •     From stomach ache
  •     In case of cuts and traumas
  •     Everything that is necessary personally for you.

All indicated medicines may replaced with their alternatives depending on your personal tolerance and doctor’s special prescriptions.


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