How to get to Taman’ from Moscow.

By car. A travel along Moscow-Krasnodar interstate  (“Don” interstate M-4) takes about 1500km. It goes from Moscow to Rostov-na-Donu and then turns to Krasnodar. Pass the highway patrol base between Rostovskii and Krasnodarskii regions (road patrol takes prohibited items control very seriously. There are about twenty policemen who check pretty much all cars and turn upside down everything possible). After the base (about 10-20 km away) look for a turn to Kislovskaya station on the left. You’ll see signs saying Leningradskaya-Kanevskaya-Timoshevskaya-Slavyansk-on-Kuban’-Temryuk and the final point, Taman’ station. You also may go through Krasnodar, but it’s going to be a little detour.

By train. The nearest railway station is Anapa (55km). From there go buses to Temryuk and a passing bus going from Gelendjik to Temryuk. You may get from Temryuk to Taman’ by taxi (about 50-60km).
“Protoka” railway station-Slavyansk-on-Kuban’(70km)-trains going to Novorossisk. At the bus station you may find a few passing buses going from Krasnodar to Temryuk.
“Tonnel’naya” railway station is the last stop before Novorossiisk (90km)-by the time trains’s arrival also arrive buses and route taxi to Anapa, then by Anapa-Temryuk bus.

By plane. Anapa or Krasnodar airports. From Krasnodar (145) go buses along Krasnodar-Temryuk route and passing buses to Crimea. The cost of ride by taxi from Krasnodar to Taman’ is about 2000rub. The ride from Anapa to Taman’ (80km) costs about 1200rub.

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