Archaeology Fund – is a noncommercial organization operating according to the Federal Law of Russia № 7-FZ dated 12.01.96 «About noncommercial organizations».

The fund charter is registered according to the Law in 2004.

President – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department for Ancient and Middle Age History of Moscow Pedagogical State University, Nikolay Igorevich Vinokurov.

General director – Vadim Valerievich Egorov

Chief executive (Director) – Tatyana Vladimirovna Dadykina

Director for scientific part, supervising professor – Ph.D. Nikolay Igorevich Sudarev, the Chief of Eastern Bosporus expedition of the News Agency of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director for development – Oleg Viktorovich Markov

Director for government relations, public relations and mass media relations – Nikolay Igorevich Tabashnikov, the Editor-in-Chief of «MY PLANET» TV channel

The Board of Guardians supervises the Fund's activities, is in charge of other Fund's bodies taking decisions and implementing solutions, controls the use of the Fund's means and its compliance with the law. The Fund board of guardians carries out the activity on public principles. The order of formation of the Board of Guardians and its activities is defined by the Fund's charter confirmed by its founders

The Chief of youth archaeological camp «European Bospor» – Anastasia Zemskova,
post-graduate student of Moscow Pedagogical State University
Deputy Head of expedition, Chief of the excavation «European Bospor», teacher -
Denis Evdokimov
Сhief of «Asian Bospor – Taman Base» youth archaeological group – Valeriy Zhukov
Сhief of «Asian Bospor – Taman Base» youth archaeological camp – Roman Pokunov
Project Сoordinator – Andrey Novikov
Сurator of construction and design works – Sergey Akinshin
Press Secretary – Grigoriy Shugaev
Supervising professor of scientific and educational projects of «European Bospor» camp –
Feodor Glukhov, post-graduate student Moscow Pedagogical State University
Consultant on pedagogical projects – Anna Petrova,  I category teacher of «Career» school
Consultant on pedagogical projects –
Natalia Pankina,
teacher of mathematics of Moscow Aviation Institute
Consultant-astroarcheologist – Andrey Fesenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
Consultant-Archeologist – Tatyana Bakunova
Consultant-Paleontologist – Yuriy Alekseev
Consultant-Paleontologist – Stanislav Drobyshevskiy,  Candidate of Biological Sciences
Archeologist-designer –Anna Orlova
Archeologist-designer – Victoria Khramtsova
Curator of logistics – Sergey Pankin
Curator of cultural events –Egor Jarkov
Curator of sports activities of «Asian Bospor – Taman Base» camp – Denis Zhloutkov
Legal adviser – Alexander Gavrilov
Legal adviser – Vadim Burlakov
Engineer of the camp material support – Igor Bakayev
Curator of the technical part of media projects, operator, photographer and film editor –
Alexey Petrov
Operator and film editor – Christian Molotov
Photographer – Andrey Konkin
Developer and Curator of «Archaeology Fund» web-site –Dmitriy Ermokhin
Developer and Curator of «Taman Base » web-site –Vadim Yegorov
Developer and Curator of «Archaeology News» web-site – Konstantin Verenich
Developer of «Artesian Expedition» web-site –Andrey Zharikov
Logistics manager – Galina Bazanova
Cook of «Asian Bospor – Taman Base» camp – Vladimir Lesnoy
Driver – Vitaliy Djakivnich
Driver –Anatoliy Starostin

13 Electrodnaya st.,
bld. 4.
Location map