Supervising Professor of the project – Ph.D. of Historical Sciences Nikolay Igorevich Sudarev.

The special project of the Fund is to rescue of a necropolis of Ghermonassa, perhaps, a unique settlement (an item of Taman) on the territory of modern Russia existing since antique times till now.

Unfortunately, under the influence of variety of reasons, the coast on which the necropolis of Ghermonassa and some ancient settlements are located, intensively has been coming down into the sea. Sometimes reaching several meters a year and irrevocably destroying invaluable certificates of the past. Just for the last five years we have lost about 40 000 burial places.
Certainly, from religious and purely human point of view it is intolerable to leave the remains of people living here in a way as they are now — and simply speaking, they are scattered all over.

The Russian archaeological science annually loses a number of invaluable materials. The necropolis of Ghermonassa is a unique place, to which there are practically no analogs in Russia to date. After all people have been living here continuously since the antique times.

Archeology Fund is undertaking actions on activization of excavations and is carrying out nature-conservative measures. The work on giving Ghermonassa-Tamatarkha-Tmutarakan-Taman the status of «historical settlement» according to Art. 59 of the Federal Law «About protection of historical monuments» has begun. After all, only joint actions of archeologists, federal and local authorities, the Cossack community, business and Church make it possible not only to stop destruction of archaeological monuments, but also to create a unique historical and cultural reserve within the existing settlement, there has been no analogs to which in our country.

To make activate the process of excavations on the necropolis of Ghermonassa the Archeology Fund organized a special out-of-season expedition in the autumn of 2009. It was necessary to manage to dig out and to treat all the archaeological material which could be lost till the spring of 2010. About 30 volunteers who had gone to Taman at their own expense took part in this action. The Archeology Fund provided the advertising, organizational and scientific part of the project.

Similar expeditions outside of a traditional archaeological season will be organized by the Fund from now on.

The Archeology Fund is conducting work on informing federal and local authorities about destructions occurred. We try to explain the importance to activate the works on monuments preservation. The Fund also inspires mass media to assist to this work.

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