To the deepest regret, books on history and especially archeology have been much less rarely published during last years. Their substantial and printing level has worsened. The subjects of editions are casual and of unsystematized character. Is not enough both theoretical and specialized works. Therefore the Archeology Fund considers publishing as one of the basic directions of its activities. There is no need to remind of an enormous importance of books on history and archeology for development not only historical, but all humanities and culture of our Fatherland.

«ΣΥΜΒΟΛА». Antiquity of Northern Black Sea Coast. The newest finds and discoveries.

Issue 1.A Russian-Ukrainian Almanac.

Editorial council:
Member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences R.M.Munchaev (Chairman); Prof. D.Bround (Great Britain); member-correspondent of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine S.D.Kryzhitskiy; member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences of G.A.Koshelenko; Doctor of Historical Sciences M.Treyster (Germany).

Reviewers: member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences G.A.Koshelenko, Doctor of Historical Sciences V.D.Kuznetsov.

Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Аrchaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Archeology Fund
Publishing House «Triumph-print», 2010

We express a huge gratitude to the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Alexander Aleksandrovich Maslennikov for his idea of this project. Without his active support the book would not be published.

The collection of scientific articles on archeology, history, epigraphy and numismatics of antique Northern Black Sea Coast. New materials of field researches of monuments, major discoveries and finds and museum collections also are included in the edition. The priority in a selection of articles is given to publications on the newest and most important discoveries. The book is oriented to archeologists, historians, regional specialists. The almanac contains of the latest materials of about 40 archaeological expeditions researches around Black Sea Coast. Perhaps, it is a unique systematized scientific review published in the CIS during the last years. The book contains many color high-resolution illustrations. Despite purely scientific approach to the book, it would be interesting to a wide range of readers also.

The editors point out in the introduction to the almanac that, «In all its shade of meaning the term „ΣΥΜΒΟΛА“ reflects the basic idea of our project: a symbolic association of the parts of the whole within the limits of a uniform historical science about antiquity over modern geographical and political borders». It is impossible to find more exact words to characterize the tasks of Archeology Fund's publisher activity.

«East Crimea in my heart».

The collection of scientific and creative works of students of municipal educational institution «Lycée №1» in Tula

Authors: Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor A.A.Maslennikov; P.M.Siminovskiy; G.V.Shabat

Publishing House «Grif & Co», Tula — 2009

This collection represents the first attempt of issuing scientific works of lyceum students from senior classes of a comprehensive school, who wrote about the materials and impressions received during the researches of one of the academic archaeological expeditions in East Crimea. Besides the articles, the collection includes corresponding illustrations including photos, drawings, memoirs, and also verses of J.M.Shilt.
We hope the collection will be useful to teachers, pupils and all who is interested in ancient history of the Crimean Azov.

A. A. Maslennikov. «Imperial xoros of Bospor».

Based on materials of the excavations in the Crimean Azov area.
Architectural, construction and archaeological characteristics of monuments. Volume 1.
Author: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Alexander Aleksandrovich Maslennikov, Chief of the Field department of Archeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expert in antique history and archeology of Northern Black Sea Coast. Since 1975 the chief of the East Crimean expedition constantly conducting researches around the Crimean Azov. The author of more than 200 printed works, including 11 monographies. The given work continues publications of the materials of long-term excavations of a whole group of antique monuments dated from IV — III centuries BC, the first of a series of corresponding monographies.
This thoughtful serious scientific work is written by a lively, bright, figurative language and it will be interesting to the wide range of readers too.

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