The Archeology fund is working actively on the foundation of an Archaeological School. Considering that the level of teaching archeology at the higher school steadily decreases, both quantity of hours and quality of teaching, the Fund organizes theoretical courses for future experts on the basis of expeditions and stationary platforms in Moscow. As a first step the Field archaeological school is organized straight at excavations.

Scientists, both working in expedition, and specially coming for this purpose, give lectures in the afternoon and evening time. Volunteers not only generalize the experience received directly on excavation, but also get a deep historical theoretical command.

In 2010 the Field archaeological school works starting on August, 1st and till August, 15th. We hope that in the 2011 the school's working hours will extend considerably. Nevertheless, now already we suggest to listeners a trial step, a quite substantial course consisting of the following disciplines:

  • «Field archeology practice»
  • «Archaeological drawings»
  • «Anthropology»

The lectures are read by scientists of Archeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Lomonosov Moscow State University every day at a certain time. The Field archaeological school course will qualitatively raise the level of historical and archaeological knowledge of the listeners. It is necessary to notice that a distinctive feature of the Field archaeological school is that both theoretical and practical training is done directly on excavation. There is a possibility to use all the archaeological material extracted, to regard any scientific problem in a context of archaeological research of a concrete monument. Naturally, this improves considerably the quality of training. And, needless to say, that this effect cannot be achieved in a higher educational institution.

Live atmosphere of excavations, presentation of teaching will arise interest not only among future experts, but among also most people of any age and training.




Supervising professor and inspirer of the project – Ph.D. of Historical Sciences, Nikolay Igorevich Sudarev.

Creation of the Field library of the camp at East Bospor expedition is a many-sided project of the Archeology Fund.

The library is an essential necessity at excavations: the process of archaeological researches implies constantly arising questions. Many answers could be received there, in the library. Scientific educational function of the expedition passes onto an absolutely new quality level. At processing and analysis of artifacts it is necessary to make specifications, to compare finds with similar ones and already described ones. The archaeological literature is necessary when systematization and generalization of the material researched. Besides the library will simply enrich the leisure of volunteers.

The library will consist not only of books, but also will function in electronic form. Readers of library will fill up the fund themselves: for using the book or its electronic version it will be necessary to share what you have in your computer. Certainly everything will be organized on a voluntary basis and free of charge.
The field library becomes a basis of a new library at the created Archaeological Center.

On this page an electronic Catalogue of the library will be accessible later.

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bld. 4.
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