Archeology fund is working on creation of a stationary scientific Archaeological Center on Tamansky peninsula.

The project provides for constructing a complex of buildings where scientists-archeologists could work all year long. Many discoveries become not only straight at excavation, but also in special laboratories. The problem arises because during a rather short archaeological season in our environmental conditions not all the artifacts could be properly analysed. Besides, it is very important that research work beyond the excavations is still attached to the district context. Roughly speaking, in Moscow we see everything in a slightly different way. Besides, it is physically impossible to transport all archaeological material to Moscow. Often, apparently, perception of the minor materials changes as the time passes.

This Archaeological Center will allow to solve the problem of excavation sites securing on the other level. The archaeological season will become practically all-the-year-round. Shuttle miniexpeditions on vacations or holidays would be possible. Excursion and tourist potential will considerably extend.

Historical, educational culturological programs for inhabitants of Tamansky peninsula become one of main activities of the Archaeological Center. It would not only strengthen their knowledge, it will also give an absolutely different impulse for the development of regional consciousness. Besides, cooperation with local authorities will involve them in archaeological and nature protection work, adding a real and long-term contribution to the collective and constantly extending knowledge of the native land past.

There will be a museum and a library on the territory of the Center.

Scientific conferences, seminars and informal meetings of scientists will be held in the Archaeological Center. The fact that discussions will occur in an immediate proximity to excavations will add a wider context of discussions.

13 Electrodnaya st.,
bld. 4.
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