The Archeology Fund invites state and public organizations, higher and average educational institutions, welfare funds, businessmen and religious associations to cooperation.

We consider that we can find understanding with those who is not indifferent both to the science in general, national history in particular, and also to development and education of the Russian youth. We support simple things. Any great cause begins with the first step. So, please, make it!

We are convinced that a real civil society could be constructed in Russia only when the ordinary people will start to do something. No need of big words, grandiose projects, even money! It is necessary only to look in the eyes of each other, to talk, and to try to make something! We are very grateful to our partners who have believed in us.

Archeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Fund concluded an agreement with Archaeology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, according to which the Fund orders protective archaeological excavations on Taman peninsula. The fund finances a certain part of scientific program of these archaeological excavations. Besides, scientists of the Archaeology Institute give lectures to volunteers on archaeology and history on a regular basis throughout the season, arrange excursions to archaeological memorials of the South of Russia and Crimea. We have long-standing mutually beneficial and partner relations with most of the scientists. We regularly exchange views and the scientists help to direct the activities of Archaeology fund.

Department of the Moscow City government on Youth and Family policy

One of the fields of activity of Department of youth and Family of the Government of Moscow is creation of conditions for spiritual, intellectual and purposeful recreation of the youth. Therefore the Department actively supports Archaeology fund in realization of our programs. The Department has been concluding agreements with the fund for three years according to which financing of projects «Youth camp at Artesian Archaeological expedition» and «Youth camp at Eastern-Bosporus Archaeological Expedition». Help of the department allowed many talented young people, students and schoolchildren to take part in archaeological excavations.

Taganskiy children's fund

  Taganiskiy children’s fund was founded in 1991. First steps in charity work of the fund were related to humanitarian help to the part of population of Taganskiy region of Russia, who are in most need. Now our Fund helps more than 700 families in need of the city of Moscow, most of which are not full families, families with many children or parents with limited abilities. Under the agreement with our Fund many schoolchildren were sent to expeditions. They did not just have a good holiday, but got acquainted with bases of archaeological and historical sciences, found new interesting friends, some of them made up their mind about their professional future.

Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow State Pedagogical University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia. It is more than 165 years old. The University has a profound scientific team of historians. The President of the Fund and the head of Artesian archaeological expedition — Doctor of Historic Schiences N.I.Vinokurov — is the Professor of University. Many scientists and students of the Unviersity have been to camps as volunteers. The most important is archaeological practice for students during expeditions.

Moscow State University of M. Lomonosov. Biological faculty

The Fund has a long-standing informal relationship with the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University. Many students of this faculty come to archaeological camps and expeditions for their anthropological practice. Participation of scientists-anthropologists in the expedition is of great scientific and creative importance to expeditions.

Kerch State Рistorical and Сultural reserve

Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The Reserve was organized in 1987 based on famous Kerch Museum opened in June 1826. The basis of its collection was collection of the pioneer of classic archaeology in Black Sea Region – Frenchman Paul Dubrux. Fund collections of the Reserve are one of the most numerous in Crimea and number about 200 000 units. The most valuable part consists of archaeological funds which number over 100 thousand units. «Golden Treasure» of the Kerch Reserve was opened for public on 11 April 2005. A part of archaeological funds is lapidary collection(over 2 300 architectural units, epigraphy memorials, tomb stones, cult sculpture), which have worldwide fame. Archaeology Fund concluded an agreement with the Reserve and they are in active cooperation with regards to a number of projects. The Reserve is a kind of «field scientific base» for the Archaeology Fund. At least, it is the closest archaeological institution to the site of archaeological excavations. Each of the participants of expeditions visits the Reserve.

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