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11.04.2011 г. Archeological excavations in Anapskii district (region of Krasnodar), in a settlement named Vestnik.

Excavation works of the Eastern-Bosporan Archeological expedition in Krasnodarskii region that target the “Temple complex” archeological monument in Vestnik keep going on. Right on the spot were conducted GPR-research and tacheometric measurements.

Its too bad that the weather was so awful. Primarily it influenced the excavations. On the day the first volunteer group from Moscow was leaving the excavations looked like some gigantic pool. Nevertheless, we already degreased a part of it. Now are delineated 2/3 of the walls but the inner temple rooms aer still under the ground. At all it’s necessary to degrease about 300 sq.m.

Now on the basis of visual scout in newly plowed fields it’s possible to suggest that in this area there are a few monumental ancient constructions. At one place there is a broad stone band that harshly makes a 90-degree-turn and goes across the entire field length which is equal to about 60-70 meters. Scientists think that at this place is located a piece of a fortification wall of the found fort.

By the sides of every allotment during long time appeared walls made of stone picked by peasants. On the field also may be found a huge amount of broken plantation socks (during the temple excavations inside its walls were found about five broken socks which demonstrates how strong were the construction’s walls. They consisted of ideally finished lime stone quadras). The entire territory is covered with fragments of ceramics and tile. We can only guess what is located under the ground. Obviously we deal with not only one “temple complex” but with a whole ancient city. The presence of a big ancient center at this place could be due to the influence of a fertile valley, plenty of water sources and a huge stone outlet found at this place. In the neighborhood by the excavations spot there is a stone quarry and lots of organizations working on getting stone and macadam. Most likely it was open by ancient Greeks themselves.

It was thought earlier that the most southern forepost of the Bosporan kingdom in the Northern Black sea area was Gorgipia (a Sindhi harbor). It was located right on the Black sea shore on the territory of present-day Anapa. Around the forepost lived only Sindhi barbarian tribes. Now finding settlements like the one near Vestnik may turn all stereotypes upside down. Finding a classical Greek temple proves that even far away from the sea deep inside the Taman’ peninsula existed big Hellenistic centers.

Until this time the Anapskii district, especially its inner part, still is poorly explored by archeologists. We are sure that the summer archeological expedition 2011 and the monument’s excavations will bring us sensational discoveries.

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