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21.03.2011. In For Fatherland! Settlement of Temryukskii district, Krasnodarskii region construction workers ignorantly break RF laws.

Near the northern outskirts of For fatherland! Was started massive building of a new cottage settlement by a tolos and a mound group that touches the territory of archeological objects.  The extensive area is going to be surrounded with a fence for which are now being dug 70cm-deep holes which is rude breaking of federal laws about conducting earthworks on territories of archeological monuments. We took pictures of destructions, negotiated with the contractor and informed administration of Russian culture security in Krasnosdarskii region on the situation. According to preliminary information on next Tuesday the construction site must be inspected by archeological commission from Krasnodar. It’s hoped that in this case everything will be kept within federal law limits and won’t be pulled on thr brakes.  

We remind you that in summer 2009 the Eastern-Bosporan expedition with financial and volunteer support by the Archeology Foundation conducted studies of an ancient settlement and a necropolis. Exactly in this place was located an archeological monument Hrisaliska residence, mound and subterranean necropolises.

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