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Scientific conference. УArcheological studies in Russia: New materials and interpretationsФ.

This year’s conference was visited by scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tver’  and foreign visitors from Germany, Slovakia and China.

In the process of the conference a lot of interesting reports were made. There was an especially distinguishing one that was dedicated to the first excavations of 2010 done by a Russian expedition in Jericho on the territory of the RF government. Scientists told about found mosaics and subjects to religious cult of the Byzantium period. Everything found during the excavations became a part of a museum park exposition complex open by Russian president Dmitrii Medvedev at time of his visit to Palestina.

Significant interest was caused by a report about multiyear excavations conducted by Syrian expedition of the Archeology Institute in Mesopotamia. New studies allowed look at the problem of cultural contacts of this region’s population in IV-III centuries B.C.  in a new way.

For the first time our archeologists were able to get to know new field projects of Chinese archeologists. More details about the scientific work of the Archeological institute of the SSA of PRC by its director mister Van Vei.

Ortvin Dalley, general secretary of the German Archeological institute, made a report of the excavations of a Hellenistic settlement on the territory of present-day Taganrog being conducted by the Russian-German archeological expedition.

A report by Matvei Ruttkai, director of the Slovakian Academy, was dedicated to problems of studying medieval Slavic settlements on the territory of Slovakia.

Special interest of the Archeology Foundation employees was caused by a discussion of problems of conducting rescuing excavations and archeological monument saving at construction zones. This is one of the most pressing work directions for archeologists which directly interferes with our Foundation’s activities.

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