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21.10.2010/Results of excavations on the barrow in the northwest suburb of Taman.

Yesterday works on the barrow in the northwest suburb of the Taman village ended. All burials under the barrow embankment are explored. As it was supposed, they date from bronze epoch. In total seven burials were studied. Six burials are made in the sepulchral pits having «prerectangular» or oval form. Five sepulchral constructions had floors made from calcareous cobble-stones or plates. Skeletons in these tombs were in «writhed» position on their backs or turned on one side. It needs to be noticed that such funeral constructions and such position of skeletons are characteristic for inlet burial places of the given barrow.

The central burial place is represented a corpse interment in the form of «pre-oval» pit blocked by damask and wooden blocks. Skeleton lays a head to the West, extended on its back. At the bottom of the tomb the remains of a laying in the form of a decay are fixed. Feet of the buried were powdered with ochre.

During the work on the barrow two robber wells were revealed, from 1 to 1,5 meters in diameter. Also the remains of re-burning furnaces and fortifying constructions in the times of the Great Patriotic War are fixed.

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