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23.07.2010. Work on the Western necropolis of Ghermonassa continues.

Works on the Western necropolis of Germonassa are continuing.

Employees of East Bospor expedition of Archaeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Archeology Fund, volunteers, students undergoing practical training from Krasnodar and Bryansk, and pupils of Krasnodar school є10 are conducting works now on three objects in the village of Taman.

Firstly, security-salvage operations on the territories of the Western necropolis started on the initiative of the Fund last year in autumn and were conducted once again in the spring of 2010. More than 30 burials are explored by date, and a stone fencing of a presumably small family tomb is found.

The barrow at the foot of Bald mountain became the second object to explore. It is located in the territory of ethnographic village Ataman. The works of our expedition arise a great interest in visitors of this tourist complex. Now there an opening of barrow embankments is going on.

Rather large-scale works are undertaken in the central part of ancient settlement site of Ghermonassa-Tmutarakan'. The depth to which a spade go have given a lot of archaeological material. There are various coins, fragments of glass bracelets, Turkish pipes and many other things, not to mention fragments of various ceramic vessels.

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