Our Mission

Mission of Archeology Fund is based on the following principles:

  1. Understanding of the mankind's past is of great importance for understanding the present and forming the future.
  2. Knowledge of the cultural history is a necessary condition for living in peace in a pluralistic society.
  3. Concern for archaeological monuments is a duty of each citizen of the country.
  4. Development of our historical science should not be a problem of the state and scientific community only. Public organizations, business and the people should take the most active part in this work.

Using archaeological researches, Archeology Fund promotes contemplating of the past and the present of domestic and world culture, social researches development, the youth's education in natural sciences and encourages patriotism.

And the main idea: the Fund helps to keep our archaeological heritage for the next generations.

Our Vision

Achieving purposes of the Fund we, first of all, want to gather different people who are interested in history. We want to create necessary conditions for all of them to express themselves and improve their knowledge and skills. We want to form a lively friendly community of people who share same views.

Archaeological expeditions demand not only material support, but in realities of modern Russia it turns out to be a serious problem also. It is much more important to find, organize and unite people, to help them to find themselves and friends, to encourage their creativity. Helping to improve living conditions, scientific and technical expedition equipment, we try to provide an adequate «human» component too.

Our slogan is «archeologists of all countries unite!».

We pay special attention to youth and teenagers. Involving them in active archaeological researches, we want to solve social and pedagogical problems also.

Scientific researches are impossible without financing. Though here the state has limited resource. We promote in business community an absolute necessity to help scientists, students and archaeological projects, involving, thus, the most active part of the society in our work to preserve the historical heritage. On the other hand, public authorities are interested in financing such vivid projects as we initiate.

Who can tell it better about archeology than the archeologists do? Therefore, we in cooperation with professional media in popularization of the historical science and invite all to participate in excavations. Among our volunteers there are photographers, operators journalists and film-producers. Some are professionals, some are amateurs. The important thing is that everyone could realize himself through this. And note that participants of expeditions inspire more trust.

Through expeditions and other Fund's activity we raise character, we form personal ethics, we encourage public spirit, mutual cultural understanding. We welcome all who share our views! We are open for all modern educated person who is ready to work for science!

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bld. 4.
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