Appeal to philanthropists:
Dear friends! Ladies and gentlemen! We suggest to become our partners in realization of the Fund's programs.

The primary goals of the Fund are: all possible help to scientific archaeological expeditions, their material support; realization of socially significant youth projects; publishing; creation of field archaeological library; rescue of a necropolis of Ghermonassa.

1.It is known that any serious research work is impossible without modern scientific and technical support and considerable means are necessary for this. The material resources of modern archaeological expeditions leave much to be desired. Expeditions need levels, georadars, metal detectors, photoequipment… …cars, a field-kitchen and many other things.

2. Since 2004 the Archeology Fund is engaged in the organization and carrying out of socially significant projects for youth – youth archaeological camps «European Bospor» and «Asian Bospor», operating on the basis of Artesian (Moscow State Pedagogical University) and East Bospor (Archaeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) archaeological expeditions. Such an active intellectual leisure as archaeological expedition is an excellent alternative to an aimless stay in a city during summer vacations.

Participation in archaeological camp includes work at archeological excavations, daily sea-side leisure, interesting excursions, sports, lectures on history, archeology and other scientific disciplines, and just interesting discussion with keen people. Participation of the youth in our project allows to raise their educational level, to receive a whole complex of knowledge also, skills which can help in life. For maintenance of normal conditions for youth staying in field conditions it is necessary to implement a number of activities for accomplishment of camps. Expenses for expansions «from zero» to a camp functioning for one month make up to about 3 000 000 rbl., if considering an optimum average quantity of volunteers in a camp about 100 persons, without expenses on journey to Taman. Expenses on land rent, food, kitchen, transport, fuel, tents, camp construction and service, acquiring and repair implements etc. Besides, the important item of expenses is the salary to scientific and teaching structures.

Now the basic financial load is bornby founders of the Fund and volunteers, therefore to a deep regret, often only those who can pay can afford to go to expedition. And among those who cannot allow there are the most talented students and it is the expedition that is primarily interested in them. The fund, naturally, gives financial support to the poor, up to the full maintenance course, and this is the essential part of donations.

3.The next project of the Fund is the Field archaeological library which will start to function in the summer of 2010, which could be attended not only by scientists, but also all who is interested in the history and archeology. We will be grateful to you if you can help with stocking of library by interesting books and materials.

4. The special project of the Archeology Fund is rescuing Germonassa necropolis, perhaps, the one settlement (Taman) on the territory of modern Russia having existed from the antique times till now. Here well-known Tmutarakan was also situated. Here both the Antique and Old Russian cultures met. Here the Abbot of Kievo-Pechersk monastery in 1078 – 1088, Nikon Pecherskiy (the Great), the chronicler, the builder of the Monastery in the name of PreSaint Bogoroditsa in Tmutarakan pursued his activities. Moreover, it was on Tamansky peninsula where there appeared the first Christian settlements on the present territory of the Russian Federation, the archaeological researches in Golubitskaya village (Russia), a site of ancient settlement of Ilyichevsk (Trebizond) and the settlement «Za Rodinu!» (Hrisaliska residence) point to the fact. Unfortunately, under the influence of variety of reasons, the coast on which the necropolis of Ghermonassa and some ancient settlements are located, intensively has been coming down into the sea. Sometimes reaching several meters a year and irrevocably destroying invaluable certificates of the past. Just for the last five years we have lost about 40 000 burial places. Archeology Fund is undertaking actions on activization of excavations and is carrying out nature-conservative measures. The work on giving Ghermonassa-Tamatarkha-Tmutarakan-Taman the status of «historical settlement» according to Art. 59 of the Federal Law «About protection of historical monuments» has begun. After all, only joint actions of archeologists, federal and local authorities, the Cossack community, business and Church make it possible not only to stop destruction of archaeological monuments, but also to create a unique historical and cultural reserve within the existing settlement, there has been no analogs to which in our country.

Our material and technical resources are limited, we need help for supporting and system development of the projects. We hope for your executable participation and support of the projects important for our society. We will be deeply grateful to you if you find possibility to take part in financing of any of our Fund's projects. The Fund cooperates with Archeology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of the Moscow City government on Youth and Family policy, a number of leading Russian high schools, tourist portals, Taganskiy Children's Fund and other youth associations. Activity of the Fund and expeditions' work find response in many printed editions and other mass media.

The fund suggests you to become partners in carrying out of the above-stated programs! Acting as sponsors of corresponding projects, you will receive many-sided information and advertising support from the Fund:

1. The right of identification of your company's name and logo with the name of the action.

2. Formation of your company's positive image.

3. New partners in business.

4. Attraction of more clients.

5. Increase of non-material actives of your company.

6. Demonstration of social responsibility of the company.

Data about the Fund's partners is specified in annual scientific reports with the results of expedition excavations. Popular and scientific publications prepared by employees of the Fund and people from expeditions contain references to the partners' contribution in realization of the Fund's projects.

Requisites of Noncommercial organization the «Archeology» Fund:

Legal adress: bld.6, 23, Denisovskiy lane, Moscow, 107005
ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) / Tax registration reason code 7701555388 / 770101001
National Business Register 74660048
settlement account 40703810600000000011
in «RESOURCE-TRUST» (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY) loro account 30101810800000000919


Please, address all questions concerning organization to to the director of the Fund Tatyana Vladimirovna Dadykina, е-mail:

13 Electrodnaya st.,
bld. 4.
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