Introductory word of Director of the Fund

Dear friends,

Nearly each of us has dreamt of adventures, treasure hunting, or magic discoveries when we were kids!

May be now the time has come to realize your childhood dream and go to archaeological excavations and find treasures of ancient civilizations!

History of peoples is the same as biography of a person. We benefit from priceless experience from the history of our life, which allows us not to repeat mistakes and take right decisions. During an archaeological expedition one has the opportunity to enrich one’s knowledge of history, dive into the depth of centuries, and not on TV or through books, but in reality, touch the culture of long gone civilizations, feel connection of times, think about what we will leave for future generations and may be, this adventure will be a turning point in your life, may be here during an expedition you’ll find the most precious treasure! Besides, it’s always interesting to spend time among keen people and just widen your horizons and let the unknown into your life.

Looking forward to see you at the excavations... 

Director of Archaeology Fund

Tatiana Dadykina


13 Electrodnaya st.,
bld. 4.
Location map