"Archeology Fund", was established in 2004 as a non-commercial organization, but has been actually functioning for almost twenty years. In the early 80s’ fund organizers as teenagers went to archaeological expeditions as volunteers and took an active part in archaeological excavations. They have experience of several tens of field seasons spent in different archaeological expeditions in Central Russia, Crimea, Northern Africa. Some of them have become businessmen, some – diplomats or official persons, but enthusiasm for archaeology has been with them throughout their lives. Establishment of "Archaeology Fund" was a logical next step in the way of ordinary people, serving science. This is why Archaeology Fund" today is an active, really public organization, uniting all those who are not indifferent to our history and world culture. Today founders of " Archaeology Fund" bring their children to archaeological expeditions as volunteers and invite their friends for an exciting holiday at archaeological excavations and between the seasons, they engage those who wish to harticipate in scientific events.

Join us and you will have fun! Guaranteed!

«Archaeology Fund» is carrying out a number of projects at the moment: in summer archaeological camp is organized in Krasnodar region ("Eastern-Bosporus Archaeological Expedition")and in Krimea ("Artesian Archaeological Expedition"). For this purpose volunteers are actively engaged who wish to visit archaeological excavations. Archaeological center "Taman" is working on the base of Eastern-Bosporus Archaeological Expedition. Since 2010 school of field archaeology has been working, and the scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians from leading Universities and archaeological centers of Russia and Ukraine were giving lectures there. The fund also carries out publishing activities.

Thanks to organization of Archaeological center "Taman", we have managed to realize two projects: "Protection of Archaeological Memorials" and "Saving Ghermonassa Necropolis". Scientists and volunteers, working with us all year round, go to archaeological excavations and researches, organized by the fund. Scientific reports are drawn as per results thereof and demolition cases are reported. You can find more details about this work in Section "News".



Archeology is mainly an expedition!

You want to be an archeologist? Do it!

Its better to see once.

The Archeology Foundation and media.

The book is the source of knowledge!

Publishing activity of the Foundation.

Archeologists, students, just curious ones! Everybody who is interested in history! Everybody who wants to spend your vacation usefully, make new interesting and interested friends! Welcome to a new “Taman’” base in Krasnodarskii region! In expeditions organized with the Foundation’s participation took part more than 3,500 children, students, teachers and aspirants.


The Archeology Foundation deals with popularization of historical science and archeology. Together with a few media-centers the Foundation participates in making documentary movies about archeological excavations. Besides, the Foundation collaborates with the leading media services of the country.


The Foundation assisted in publishing the first edition of Russian-Ukraninan almanac named «ΣΥΜΒΟΛ».

The ancient world of the Northern Black Sea area. The newest findings and discoveries”. This is a well-published collection of scientific articles dedicated to archeology, history, epigraphy and numismatics of the ancient Black Sea area.

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